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    Heidi Klum’s Amazing 2011 Halloween Costume

    Heidi Klum is known for choosing scariest and creepiest Halloween costume every year and 2011 Halloween party was not an exception. Supermodel Heidi Klum transformed into a “Dead Body” at 12th annual Halloween party at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas on October 29.

  • Insanely Creepy Pictures!

    The season of ghosts and horror is once again upon us. Check out these creepy images below!

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    Amazing Halloween Light show Video!

    Check out this amazing Halloween light show! This genius puts on a new light show every year, and last year he did this amazing Michael Jackson Thriller tribute.. This year he has created a few different ones, but this Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO is our favourite! I’d hate to see his electric bill!